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My husband and I went to a local small car dealer called Poulin Auto in our town. Being that I was in immediate need of a car with a young child.

I was never told the price of the car when signing even though I had asked. I had asked of everything what fixed and the car was in operating condition to our state laws. We purchased a 2008 Chevy Trail Blazer that had a 100k on it. I knew it had high mileage but it was too be a temporary hold over.

The car was up for immediate state inspection and needed all new brakes and rotors and the driver side differential kept breaking. No matter how many times I had it replaced. I had bought the warranty with it. Funny how nothing was covered by it.

I bought the car in March 2012 and by July 2012 I called for them to come repo the car. I gave it back and they auctioned it. They then informed me I still owed 7,890 for a balance. They continued to call and harass us.

I was never late on a payment and when I gave it back I was up to date on my payments. I tried to find someone to take over my loan and they told me they did accept that. They continued to report to my credit after the repo that I was making payments into the beginning of 2013 and I was late on payments in Sept and Nov of 2012. Every time I have had to call into these people they have been rude.

I have been laughed at when asking to speak to a supervisor, hung up on, and treated like I was inhuman do to I had to use them for a Financing company. I have paid off my balance with them a month ago and they havent even received the payment yet. I have had letters faxed to me saying I have paid it off. They take their sweet time.

They told me it would be another 30 to 60 days just for it to report paid on my credit. So 90 days to say I paid the bill? I had asked them if there was a way to expodite the process as I am trying to buy a new car and the only thing stopping me is a repo I have paid the balance on. They reported my credit that I am 1,700 behind in payments when the car was in their possession.

After they have contacted a lawyer to collect the debt. This company is a joke and does what ever they can to stop a person from relieving themselves from them. I have had to dispute this to hopefully get it removed from my and my husbands credit.

They have no interest in working with anyone and are just plain rude when you try to work with them. My next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau and have a lengthy conversation with them.

Review about: Credit Acceptance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

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I certainly understand your frustration. I hate dealing with rude customer service reps and being treated like garbage.

The customers are the reason they get a check. What I don't understand is how you could sign anything without knowing the price of the vehicle. You asked and asked but they never told you? Keep asking or walk out!

That part of the complaint is your fault. I wouldn't buy a toothpick without first finding out how much it cost!

Story City, Iowa, United States #772576

"I was never told the price of the car when signing even though I had asked."

I'm fairly certain there's a moral to this story. Let's see, let's see, what could it possibly be?

to The Bitter Truth #773558

Yeah there is a moral to the story and its dont work with credit acceptance.

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