Let's start with the fact that they are not professional! I have been trying to pay my car off for a month and they are to *** to take the payment properly!

What idiots they are, especially a supervisor name Gene! Don't expect to be treated with respect or a person with common sense! They still can't take a payment right, so whatever you do, pay it yourself don't do auto pay!! They will take more than what you owe or take a payment an not oblige your payment arrangement.

I have dealt with them before and never had a problem like now. What idiots!!

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Whoever says they don't have problems with CA must work for them because this company is full of bs. And don't act like you've never been late on a payment or never had rough times.

Everyone falls by the wayside every now and then. To those that have had issues with this company such as myself, just pray and remain positive no matter what.

to CB #606194

You are right, every one Can fall on hard times, but...this is a sub prime lender which means you probably cant go to a traditional bank or CU because of past hard times, and one time will not affect your credit that much that you could not get a traditional loan. So it seems that rough times seem to follow you around.

Hope you can figure it out. Maybe its not the lender that you promised by signing a contract....maybe its the borrower....


Just sounds like you are mad because you couldnt make a payment or are religously late. There are things called late fees and penalties.

I have never had a problem with them and I do have auto pay every 2 weeks.

This also allows for an extra payment a year. Bottom line this is a great company!!!


I have never had an issue with CAC. My whole expierence with them has been great.

I have never talked to a rude person on the phone and they have never called harassing me for money. I guess the trick is to make your payments in a timely matter. I have auto pay, my payments come out every two weeks and my payments end up being early each month.

I have even referred some friends and family to them and I have heard of no complaints. Bottom line if you pay you car payment on time you wont have an issue.


I have never had a problem with CAC I guess I should count my self lucky.


Whomever said they had never had a problem with CAC needs to go to Ripoff report.com..it's amazing..do some research...i personally know a few people dealing with them and having several shady incidents....

to Whomever said they had never h #606195

went to ripoff report and found like 288 reports on CAC, went to CAC website and found over 7,000,000 approvals. I am not that good at math but that is like way less than 1% so that means that there are over 99% satisfied. Guess that makes you a one percenter!!!!


Hmmm is it just your monthly payment you are trying to pay off? Or is it the whole note? I have never had an issue with CAC

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