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I decided to buy a car and signed all the paperwork to have it set up as auto-pay so I would have no problems with the payments. The first month they decided to turn off my car because they said somebody called them and took off the auto pay.

I know for a fact I didn't call them and they didn't call me. I work m-f and leave at 4am. I got into my car this morning and once again my car won't start. I can't call because of there business hours don't open until 8am.

So I am screwed because I can't get to work. Not to mention my payment is not even due today.

Apperently they do not care what they do to people. How am I suppost to get to work with my car if they keep doing this...?

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I looked under my steering wheel and took apart the bottom dash of it and saw a GPS device and starter interrupt device installed. I YouTube it and took it off and rewired my car to be able to start without it and threw it in the ditch... Bastards.

Mitchell, Indiana, United States #613708

This company is crooked but when you are in a situation that your credit is bad or not good enough, this is what you are left with. The other option would be to save your money and buy with cash.

Problem in this country is entitlement. We have to have everything now. I bought a car thru them after my divorce left me with a Beacon of 590. This company is horrible.

I was consistently 1 month AHEAD and they still called me on my due date. Threatened to repo although I was 30 days ahead on my payment. Ignorant welfare cheats working there to keep their benefits. Do any white people work for this company?


Save your money and buy with cash. Never use this loan shark.

to CAC customer #837530

Race isn't a factor with the company

to CAC customer #1573288

I assume you think all welfare recipients are black?


and JAMES it is GPSSI. GPS Starter Interrupt !!

and it will shut the car off !


this a a great company that helps you get a nice car, and everyone's approved. i am a CAC dealer , all my customers love cac for putting them in nice clean cars no one else wouold give them a shot at.

PAY your Bill .. Get Auto Pay. and everything will go fine. interest is high but if you have bad credit ....

this is life. they also report to 3 credit boroughs and can help boost your credit !!!


I have a SUV through this company and i have never had a problem I have the shutoff thing on it and its never gone off maybe because i pay my bills At one time i was going to be two days late I simply called and told them and it wasnt a problem and they didn't trun my car off They have always treated me nice.


wow james I think your a ***. The car has shut off before and I have a lawsuit showing proof it did. So get your facts straight and go *** of on someone elders story.


Some people are not always "HIGH RISK" and not all of their customers have "BAD CREDIT" some car salesmen, I believe, don't think young adults will be responsible so they have it placed on their automobiles during the deal. Trust me, I know and I have a credit score of 720.


You people must be total idiots, the GPS system does not turn your car off, it tracks where you are at, duh (GPS). If you have a starter interrupt on your vehicle is doesn't let you start your car, it never turns it off. Get a brain and start paying your bills.


they place the gps on people who have no credit history not just people with bad credit...just because people have bad credit doesnt make them bad people...people lose there jobs, people get sick people sometimes have circumstances beyound their control

They only put G.P.C devices on people that can't provide steady proof of residence!Have VERY VERY poor credit! Also you have to sign papers the xplain you know about the G.P.C!! 8) I just bought a vehicle and had to go through Credit Acceptance due to my poor credit history (NO G.P.C) IS or WAS installed!

This company can suck my balls from behind after i take a steaming diarea dump, no wipe.




guys car don’t turn off while the engine is on. 1st of all CAC gave you guys a chance to purchase a auto now you guys complaining.

also GPS device will give you warning b4 its turn off the car. so be responsible in your life b4 complaining because CAC did changed my life.


"BumbleBeeTuna" I don't have a problems with my credit score. Its the fact I haven't built enough credit.

All the dealerships in the state of Alabama associated with the company put the gps's on there vehicles.

I've done my research. Which is why I am finding a different car and dealership as soon as possible.


"unhappy"... I totally understand what your going through.

I've been on the phone all day with the company regarding my 2 vehicles. I had to go into work late today because 1 car wouldn't start and I had to get a ride from a friend. My roommate was stuck at work and couldn't come home cuz the other car wouldn't start. They think those *** gps are good but they are wrong!

Either they are going to get someone killed or cause so much trouble I am hoping for a lawsuit. This company is terrible. By their customer service they show they don't care. I want to find a way to get a different car from a different dealership before they ruin my life anymore.

I told them if this keeps happening I will lose my job.

There response was they don't care and they would have to come get the car. Nice huh?


today my car was driving at 65 miles and hour when it was disabled my gauges pegged then the the engine was off no warning my car payment is up to date and they say sorry we had a glitch well great tell that to the guy who almost rear ended me and my heart that almost stopped when the car had trouble it has a knocking sound from the engine area


They don't put the gps devices on all of the vehicles...they put that on the higher risk of the already "high risk"accounts. Usually the dealer decides to put it on, not the loan company.

Maybe your credit score was the reason, or maybe a previous repo? my advice is to keep an eye on your acct to make sure the pymt goes thru without any problems


I didn't know they have devices that can turn off the car. I was never told this when I purchased my car.

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