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Everyone lets file a lawsuit against CA. We can prove fraud

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Sure! The ONLY complainers are YOU deadbeats who don't pay your bills on time.

But let's give you the benefit of the doubt. Write back and tell all of use exactly how the fraud is committed.

Take up as much space as you need. We are all dying to know.

to Anonymous #1380590

No response! Exactly as expected!

to Anonymous #1411687

Actually I made every payment on time then when I had my car completely paid off they still charged me another month because they didn’t turn off auto pay they said tried to tell me that there was nothing they could do but when I told them I was going to my bank to get them for a fraudulent charge they changed and said I would get a refund but guess what still no refund I made every single payment on time and they still screwed me over bunch of scam artists and very rude at that but they don’t like when you hit them back with the rudeness

to Amber #1411700

And I never had a problem with them until I got out off the *** I pay them for and was actually able to better myself with a new car for less intress

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