I'm just wondering, how many vehicles have been repo by Credit Acceptance for 1 payment.This company is suppose to help people with no credit to bad credit.

They put devices to track your car and will shut the vehicle down. Regardless of what's going on in your life! Then they will pick your vehicle up take it back to the dealership, resale it and now they are receiving payments from the new owner and you still have to pay them for what you owe. They are just ripping people off.

Something should be done about this. This is not good business practice. Credit Acceptance is not helping America, they are only helping their share holders. If your vehicle was repoed, type a message.

We need to get a class action law suit.This is not right!!


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Well I filed bk chapter 7 and got an order to redeem and they picked up my car. I am working bk lawyer to sue rhem


I have the same problem my car has so much problems and they want $6000 more it ain’t even worth $4000


Go ahead and repossess my car I have a pipe bomb in it


What's the repo number


Yes i made payment arraingements to get my vehicle they agreed i held up to my agreement they done already ship my truck to an auction in ohio i live in detroit an charge me $300 now i got to take off work and drive down there this is not right will be filing a lawsuit


They repod my car after I had called and informed them that my new card (which I used for payments) was arriving a few days late in the mail.They took the car at about 11:45 on a Saturday (15 minutes before their call center closes).

Won't be able to find it or make a payment until Monday morning.In which case I'll be lucky if it's still there.


It's true.You normally won't have any issues with them if you pay on time and if you get behind they will work with you if you stick to your arrangements.

If your car becomes disabled you have like 2 days top to come up with the cash or it's gone. Period *** happens, but they don't give a ***. You will some nice reps and some not so nice. All they know is they gave you the loan so you need to come up with the money and no they won't wait until your pay date sometimes they demand right then and there.

How do I know ? I've been through this with them over and over. This is tough company to deal with best thing to do is any money you have or may have needs to go on the car because of the device. So it is a priority just like rent to keep it from being turned off and they don't care if your stuck somewhere or have to go work.

I urge people I know looking for cars to do research before going with this company.

Most buy here pay here lots use devices to insure payment.Most dealerships use their services for people with bad credit.

to Terri #1427292

Terri, what kind of device are you talking about?I bought a car and used Credit acceptance for the loan.

So there is some device in the car that I don't know about ?My car needs so much work I don't know if I should fix it or just have them repo it.


they repo my car after few months everybody has tuff times in life the 2007 saturn outlook turn out be a lemon but they repo it an have resold it


"This company is suppose to help people with no credit to bad credit."

This company is not here to "help people", "work with you" or anything of the sort.

They're here to get your money because you have no other choice but to deal with them.

They don't care about your stories of woe, true or otherwise.

They won't bend the rules for you no matter how honest you really are due to the dishonesty of the majority of their customers.

One second past due?

Expect a call until it's paid up. One day past due, expect a repo. Sorry but that's the nature of this beast.

Expect zero mercy because the people working their have bills to pay and kids to feed.They're not missing bills for YOU.

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