I'm just wondering, how many vehicles have been repo by Credit Acceptance for 1 payment.This company is suppose to help people with no credit to bad credit.

They put devices to track your car and will shut the vehicle down. Regardless of what's going on in your life! Then they will pick your vehicle up take it back to the dealership, resale it and now they are receiving payments from the new owner and you still have to pay them for what you owe. They are just ripping people off.

Something should be done about this. This is not good business practice. Credit Acceptance is not helping America, they are only helping their share holders. If your vehicle was repoed, type a message.

We need to get a class action law suit.This is not right!!

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They took my car while I was at work after I made a payment for this month. So much for there “payment plan “


Sorry they are just doing there job.....

Bills need to be paid on time!

No excuses

When you loose a job house should have an emergency fund to cover these experiences

People don't get that.They seem to spend, spend like there is no tomorrow and don't save money for things like job losses

ALOT of you get a tax refund you not pay off your car with that money instead of buying TVs or *** you don't need

So don't blame the company, blame yourself for not paying your bills on time


I just purchase but I have already been wronged!! I am in in just need to be point in the right directions!

to Jeannette #1396688

I just purchased my vehicle in October & after reading the reviews, I have no idea what I have gotten myself into!


The ppl that work this company are very disrespectful and will not listen to me anytime i have called them about making my payments.Also i wasnt never late on a payment and they come and dragged my truck to the pavement then repoed it and all payments were made on time


Thats so true the reps are so rude they said the dont do deferred payments. Smh we all fall short some time and they are suppose to &jjjjjjjj&jjjjjjjj&


You are exactly right they are con artist I'm in!!!


Credit acceptance just repoed my car. Without any notice aand over one payment. It hasnt even been 30 days yet.

to Bri duncan #1399938

Why did YOU CAUSE the repo by NOT paying on time? YOU brought this upon YOURSELF.


They have repo my vehicle before and I paid then told me I had to pay to get it back I am sickly and really need my car and they are not professional when talking to you on the phone really not a good company to work with

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