I'm just wondering, how many vehicles have been repo by Credit Acceptance for 1 payment. This company is suppose to help people with no credit to bad credit.

They put devices to track your car and will shut the vehicle down. Regardless of what's going on in your life! Then they will pick your vehicle up take it back to the dealership, resale it and now they are receiving payments from the new owner and you still have to pay them for what you owe. They are just ripping people off.

Something should be done about this. This is not good business practice. Credit Acceptance is not helping America, they are only helping their share holders. If your vehicle was repoed, type a message.

We need to get a class action law suit. This is not right!!

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I had them come and repo my car TWICE for being less than two weeks late on payments and I was keeping in contact with them letting them know.... I had to pay almost double to get my car back both times...

yet on my credit report it shows 0/0/0 for 30/60/90 days late...

makes no darn sense at all... This place is nothing but a scam and I can't wait to get out of this car.


Just started with the company but boy that sounds horrible hope it hasn't happened to me I'll be in on the class action lawsuit if need be thank you


Need to sue them, my truck has been repo 3 times now paying giving up on it 2008 total cost 25, 000.00 not worth it.


My vehicle was a month late and instead of shutting it down, they just came and repo’d it! This company is full of ***


I am currently in the same situation i was never given 30/60/90 days before they picked my car up it was 9 days after my car note was due


It’s a bad way to do someone anyway make your payment so damn high you can’t make ends meet let you pay into it for a year or so you send them ever dime you can and they still want try and work with you


I have had no problems with them. I have been a few months behind for some time now due to a job loss in the house hold and every time I have contacted them they have been very helpful will payment options


My car was 2 days late and credit acceptance repoed it instead of shutting it down.

to Anonymous #1528158

I was 9 days late and they repoed mine and i was wondering why they didnt shut it down if they said a device was on it


Is it legal for them to put a device in your car without telling you? Also how many months behind have you been before they repoed your car? I’m a month behind but currently been making my monthly payment every month


A Monroe Michigan man or female has access to a car they didn't purchase. Where my Nissan Altima at.

2014 dark blue with chrome wheelcovers. Or none now. Mod refuses to find it curson. Hujas it at his wife's house.

In Monroe much secretary of state lady refuses to give me mycar info back she tried to put my title and my.

Registration in someone else's name or. Hers


My. 2014.

Nissan Altima. Was reported stolen. And credit acceptance wouldn't. Help me look for my car.

I had paid 300 dollars its on my credit report. My ne is Daniel a Everett. And gerwyk Nissan. Refused in help.

And they sold the. Altima. To me with one key fob. The car was a lemon drove it to my house John did the owner brakes squealed.

Tires were. Bad. The first day. Ihad it in my possession.

Steering was bad. I had a drivers permit. I never rode alone in my own car. Credit acceptance never called me lake Erie transit did.

The staff members. And credit acceptance never. Even sent me a payroll guarnishee. Acknowledgement.

to take my payment out of my payroll check or even my unemployment check. And I went tot he Monroe much city police department. And inquired. And the woman at Monroe Michigan secretary of state.

Gave my title to someone else as well. As my registration. The car was registered inmy name only purchased by myself only without a cosigner I believe that my cars in town Monroe Michigan. Today.

I. Should still have it in my possession. The police only.

Charged it with failure to return the vehicle to. Me Daniel Everett.

to danieleverett #1488489

When I purchased the car. The 2014 Nissan.

From gerwyk. a black dude tried to stealmyidentity. Plus before I signed for my car the salesman and I had a verbal agreement plus he told my mom and her boyfriend I can get it for zerodown. That days d the next day he asked for 670.

To be paid to him. When the purchase agreement reflected. It was included in the deal on my paperwork. From the finance company in his file said zero down.

pretty messed up. I feel that gerwyk needs to pay my car off. Tell Dominic to give it back. From.

Lake Erie transit. Be stole itmy 2014 Nissan Altima or Tim did. Here in Monroe Michigan.

At an apartment. Be knows where its at.


They didn't even shut mine down they just came and got it after missing this months payment


I meant to type options. They don't try to help you or give u any options when you try to work with them.


I agree they don't care about ur situation, they just leave you no optios either. I say let's get a class action lawsuit on them

to Helen Poellnitz #1543994

I totally agree from San Antonio, Tx


Does anyone know what possible towing charges are? They came to get mine cause I had t been able to pay for a few months but I told them that and they came to get my car here near Nashville tonight. They said I am past due 1250 and my normal payments are 318/month I just had a trans replaced as to why I couldn’t pay too...

to Beth #1488542

How many months were you behind before they came and got the car?


my car was repoed December 1st 2017 after I missed one payment they changed my amount completely I went from only owning 3,000 left on the car to oweing 10,000 on the car and they lie and say my payments do go through but my bank statements prove that they do. They also threaten to turn the vehicle off if I don't pay.

Every representative says something different and tries to change my rate everytime I call I want out of my contact and my money back from this thieving company. From San Antonio

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