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Financed my truck from them .. never had an issue, from what I could tell a good company.

If I called them with a question they were always friendly.

To be honest, I actually liked this company. Granted I was also never late on a payment --- seems the only complaints you find on this company is from those that have defaulted on the loan

User's recommendation: Good company to use if you are not late on payments.

Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia

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You are absolutely correct! The ONLY whiners and wailers are those who do not pay on time and they just can’t stand the repercussions THEY brought upon themselves!

The ONLY reasons they are being financed by them is they gave them a chance because the banks wouldn’t touch them because of THEIR deadbeat track record. Here they are now, STILL not paying on time!

These crying, whining, wailing stinking serial deadbeats make decent people want to throw up! Because they don’t have the IQ to write an intelligent rebuttal, their only response is “you must work for them!” Real high class people, eh?

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