I really understand when ppl have to call to receive a payment but theppl including the women are so rude and disrespectful. They hang up in your face, tell you what you better do.

My car just recently got reposesssed and there were arrangements to pay, when I payed they never contacted the towing company right away when I called. they lied and told me that that company was closed and I would not b able to pick the car up because they were closed over the weekend. The following Monday I found out they took it to an auction so they could charge me more. I called the towing company he said they were open over the weekend.

credit acceptance associates told me that they didn't have to tell me and "what do you want me to do about it you just need to pay us" this company is very unprofessional and once I pay this car off if there is any other loan under this company I will NEVER EVERRRRRRRR accept this company tell anyone else of this company. they take your car after 30 days others after 60. This is ridiculous every one goes through things and they knew my situation and ok'd it and still took it. BAD SERVICE, OVER CHARGING, LIARS, AND NOT LOW INCOME FRIENDLY....

I GUESS US FOLK THAT FALL INTO BAD TIMES HAVE TO WALK EVEN THOUGH THEY MAKE ARRANGEMENTS AND STILL PAYED EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T ALL ATw ONCE LIKE THEY WANT IT. Before I lost my job I paid faithfully every month as I was supposedsuppose to. Thanks Credit Acceptance associates for being so low down non classy and it seems as if these ladies don't like their jobs they just want to get a quota. They MAKE the whoever own this company look horrible and greedy.

they won't give you information to get things done but they are gonna make sure they get that card number, money order or gram. I am the poor one but I feel bad for the lost lonely sobby *** soul that you all have calling me.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #604623

Simple solution! Pay your bills, car won't get reposessed and you will have no problem.

They did what they had to to get their money and you complain about it. You think they owe you a 60 day grace period.

Guess what they dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

to alq Jackson, Mississippi, United States #606572

Some customer live ck 4 ck. One day u will find out.

Probably still staying home with mom and daddy. Get a life

to alq Leeds, Alabama, United States #688820

@ alq you commented on every post supporting cac... you either work for them or like kok

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