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I just bought my car long enough to have made the first payment when I got hit by an uninsured motorist. The insurance company sent their adjustor out and he deemed it a total loss.

It was NOT. I contacted Credit Acceptance and asked if I could opt to keep the car, "sure" I was told. The insurance claims person called and said it would not be a problem to retain my car, at that point, I was completely happy with the service and convinced Credit Acceptance was golden. I had opted to keep the car and 3 weeks later, after not hearing a word from anyone, I got another call from a different claims person at the insurance company saying the first adjustor was asked to leave.

When she asked why I had not signed the paperwork to have my car picked up I was concerned. She went on to say that in all her years working with Credit Acceptance she NEVER saw them allow a customer keep a car that was deemed a total loss AND it would cost me not only my deductible but an additional $1300 to keep the vehicle. You gotta be kidding!! I NEVER got a penny from Credit Acceptance, they sent a tow truck to pick up my car and was issued a check from the insurance company for settlement on the loan.

I had the accident May 25, 2017 and I have yet to hear from Credit Acceptance. No one has said they got the settlement check and applied it to my account, I can't even find out what the balance due on the account is because they are saying I am responsible for the balance of the loan. (I was denied a loan from them after the accident so I still have NO CAR and I have to work). Unbelievable.

Credit Acceptance was wonderful up until the accident, that is when they went sour. They did not try to help me get into another car nor did they call once to say anything about "their" money or their car. I was disappointed in their service when I needed them so badly. Go into the loan with your eyes open, make sure your insurance company allows you to take Uninsured Motorist coverage and know your rights.

I got taken to the cleaner, the guy who caused all this got 1 ticket and nothing more. Me? I lost my car, have medical bills out the wazoo even after my personal health insurance paid on them.

I was the victim here Credit Acceptance so why are you denying me a 2nd loan? Good luck!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Credit Acceptance Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Very disappointed with them. Payment was made on due date, but was not posted until the following day.

I followed up by checking bank statement. The company accepted the payment. Two weeks later car is repossessed at 3AM.

Called Credit Acceptance.

Told me because it was paid a day late, I was in breach of contract. If they accepted the payment, how does this make sense?

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