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Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Review from Helotes, Texas 2 of 2 people found it helpful
I purschase a car from Freedom Auto and they mark up the price of the car and then lie about the down payment. The car is worth more than the blue book. The dearship said they would fix car left it there. 4 days and nothing was done and the tires on the car was bad I had 3 blow out the car have popin noise when turn steer while and they did not vaccam the car out. The windshield wipers were spilt in two. They did nothing and when I can the sorry...
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I got financed with Credit Acceptance when I got the loan the dealer said for to make my payments on time for 6mnth-1year and I could get my car refinanced well THAT WAS NOT TRUE Credit Acceptance will NOT do refinance like I was told. Now I am stuck with this HIGH interest rate and and I have made all of my payments on time for 2years now. But with such a high interest rate I am still stuck for 2 more years with these a**holes!! They are the...
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I purchased a 2014 Nissan Versa Note through Credit Acceptance. It was my very first car and I tried to make the ungodly payments on it, however life happens quite a bit and my boyfriend and I are trying to make ends meet. Anyway, the collection calls actually started well before my due date, and I had missed two payments. One call rep had the nerve to try to dig into my personal life and ask why I hadn't made the payments yet like it was his...
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My car got repoed and they tried to lie that I was 3 mths behind.After reviewing my bank statements they said I was 1 month an 2 days late. They said my payments were due on the 8th of every month. But when I got my direct deposit set up with them, they made my payments on the 18th of every month. So that mistake was at their end not mine. But they still wouldn't explaine to me how my direct deposit dates got confused. All they said it was my...
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Totally dissatisfied with the service, interest rate and car I bought.I got zero help from them and when I called for a payoff because I wanted to trade the car in I was told "If you don't make the payment on time the car will be repossessed." I went through them with a local dealer because my credit got beat up from my divorce. They are the worst company to deal with ever.Just for the record, the car I bought is junk and I spend most of my time...
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Take public transportation in the event that you want to deal with Credit Acceptance it's totally a no no they're totally predatory had a loan with them for five years got to the fourth year paid totally on time they repo the car got the car back made me pay three times as much to keep the car bad bad decision to purchase this vehicle not only that The dealership was on the news for predatory actions of selling cars that will beat up and just...
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