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Paid $2,200 for an extended warranty on the used car we bought, within 2 months the transmission failed, they agreed it was covered but refused to pay for a new one, they instead shipped a used one from a junk yard, which was also defective, the repair shop said it couldn't even be installed because it was so badly worn, my car has been in the repair shop for 1 week short of 3 months now, their warranty is saying "hey, not our fault, we shipped the part already", so I told them I'm getting a lawyer for a breach of contract suit and that SAME DAY they promised a new one was "just shipped out", well, ten days later the repair shop hasn't received it and the warranty crooks won't answer my calls or return my messages. I've gone through and retained that lawyer now, and am waiting for their initial response to the suit.

User's recommendation: AVOID AT ALL COSTS--COMMON CROOKS!!!

Location: Dothan, Alabama

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All the lender did was FINANCE THE PURCHASE! They did not sell you the warranty...the dealer did!

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